Have this dashing chap come speak to you!


Doesn’t that look like the sort of man you would love to come have speak to your writing group or class? I would love the opportunity to do so! I can speak at length on the craft and business of writing, and will do so for free (maybe cover my gas if it’s more than an hour from Montgomery Alabama). Just shoot me an email at bob@talesbybob.com if you are interested!

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Oooo, books for sale.

For those interested, I definitely still have books for sale! For my ebook just follow the link:



I also have physical copies of the following two books for sale! I keep them in my car, so just ask!



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Bob’s Cause

So for a year or so now I have been idly looking around, trying to find a cause where I feel that I can really make a difference. And after some thought, I have settled on helping my Alma Mater, Highland Home High School’s library. They are in dire need of more, better books, better shelves, and better media centers. So, now I shall start working to see how I can help get them all that. The books are the easy part, now I just need to start raising a bit of money!

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So as a very few of you may be aware, I got hired to write the story for an app called Frequency. Its a cool text based adventure set in a post apocalyptic wasteland! And as of today it has been released for iPhone!! So go check it out!

“Someone from the future desperately needs your help. Will you guide them to safety? Or will you send them into the dangers of a world with no rules?

Frequency is a text-based adventure game that puts you side by side with one of the only sane survivors left on a post-apocalyptic Earth. You are equipped with a Tachyon Communicator that sends messages through random time warp fields- and that’s it. Do you have the what it takes to lead this lost soul to salvation?

Immerse yourself in a survival story told through unique gameplay features- Frequency allows you to send messages through the app AND through notifications giving access to the game no matter what you may be doing!

Those with Apple Watches are equipped with extra communication capabilities that aid in helping you get the future-dweller out of (or into) trouble.

What are you waiting for? Boot up your Tachyon Communicator today and save tomorrow!”




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The awesome people over at Laser Blast Books has published an anthology of my steampunk short stories!

“New from Laser Blast Books! In “Rumor Has It,” the first installment of Robert McGough’s thrilling “Clockwork and Horror” series, mercenary Rumor stalks prey both human and otherwise through a set of riveting short stories, culminating in the novella “Death in the Mountain.” The genre-busting series is set in a dark world that blends the mechanistic aesthetics of Jules Verne with the fantasy adventure of Tolkien. Rumor moves from hunt to hunt, exploring cities more marked by savagery than civilization, and wilderness where terrifying legends are real. The darkest horrors he finds aren’t in otherworldly beasts and mechanical nightmares, but in the inner desires of mankind.”


You can pick it up at Amazon here:


Barnes and Nobles here:


Kobo here:


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So in working on the Big Project, one of my goals was to get my collection of Valko stories up to 25k total words. So today I wrote the story “The Sad Tale of Kaspar Ikvest.”

And boom goes the dynamite, first item checked off the list! Now to get it edited and then published!

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The Big Project

So I have started a ton of projects over the past couple of years. And my goal for the rest of this year is to finish them! Here is what I have to do:

Edit Bladeborn into 3 20k novellas.
Get my Valko stories up to 25k words.
Get my southern horror to 100k words.
Get my southern gothic to 50k words.
Get my Gurthwait stories to 25k words.
Get my CYOA to 150 pages.
Finish my Secret History of the Deeps.
Finish Whiter Shade of Pale.
Finish my gump horror novel.

Its about 200k words of work if I had to guess. But to that end my plan is to write 4k a week! If I keep to it, I will finish!

I made this binder to help me keep track of stuff:


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A new publication!

I had the honor of having one of my shorts published in issue 140 of Squawk Back Magazine! Go check it out at the link below!



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Join me in some worldbuilding!

I have a new project in mind, but I decided that instead of keeping it so under wraps as I normally do, I would sort of share my design/worldbuilding process with you fine people! Without going into too much detail (yet!) it is a fantasy world, but for the purposes of the stories that will be set in it, we will only focus on one continent.

So how is this going to work? Simple. I will be coming up with framework ideas, the sort of core ideas that the rest of the thoughts will spring out of. Some of these will be essential to future plot lines, but others will just be things I have been sitting on that I have wanted to include in a story for some time. I will post these ideas on here, and my facebook (facebook.com/talesbybob) for you fine folks to peruse. Then if this strokes your creative juices, and you have an idea, go on my facebook and comment! If I like your idea, I will credit you on my website, and give you an acknowledgment in whatever book comes out of this!

So what do you think? Interested?

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The Rubicon, round two

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I got another of my southern gothic tales published in the Rubicon! Alongside a not pictured poem of mine as well!

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