The Wolfhunter is finally out!

Check it out! My latest collection of shorts is now out! You can get it for free for the next 24 hours or so, I just ask that you leave an honest review!12894371_10154010866807225_1561963554_o

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Other Things I Do

So clearly, if you are here you are aware that I am a writer. But did you know that’s not all I do? Check out the links below to see about my film work, my half joking run for president, and my other writing project.

Film stuff!:

Presidential Run!:

Humorous new writing project!:

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Iron and Blood, Session 7: A Matter of Keys

Were we left off last session, Suffer the tiefling assassin had spotted the man who had stolen his key. This key was the only memento he had of his now dead mothers, who told him his father had given it to him.

Capturing the man they tortured out the information that he had stolen it on behalf of his master, another tiefling named Radiant, who ran a cult. Going and investigating, they found the church, and watched a sermon by Radiant, who locked eyes with Suffer and grinned.

Going back that night they were discussing how to break in when they were attacked by a number of flying spined devils. Defeating them they broke in, and made their way into the basement where they overcame a number of cultists. Going into the subbasement, they found Radiant in the act of sacrificing another tiefling in a circle made of hanging keys. After slaying the cult leader, Lockvar, Suffer’s father telepathically persuaded him to embrace his infernal heritage and become an incubus, which he did.

So Suffer is now a powerful NPC, who in turn hired the knight the gang got fired from the noble lord. So Sir Rhys is now in the party, a spellsword knight.

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Bob’s Quest Update


You know what’s hard? Fucking dieting. It is the absolute bane of my existence. Suffice it to say, I am down about 5 lbs, which is where I was last update methinks. I have phased out low carb (because potato) and am just trying to eat right and watch my portions. Fingers crossed.

I haven’t moved yet, but it’s almost time. Still super excited about it all, though I know it will be stressful. But being back out in the country full time…man that is going to be sooo sweet.

Writing is going well. Finally done with the steampunk novella that polishes off one anthology, which will free me up to do some small little odds and ends. Also been doing a good bit of filming, as well as working on other projects with friends.

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Book for Sale!

So I haven’t flogged this particular horse in awhile, but I have a book for sale. You should be a peach, give it a gander at the link below!


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Blood and Iron, Session 6: Jims and Gems


While hunkering down within Myra’s herb shop, the herbalists half-orc barbarian grandson Grom joins the party. Setting back out into the storm they first trek over to the lair to gather up healing potions and the like. Along the way they stop a group of tough twig/vine creatures from chasing down a young woman.

Potioned up they set back out into the storm. Looking around they spot a trio of harpies attacking something on the roof. PJ and Grom become ensnared by their song, and race towards them, clearly entranced. PJ manages to break free, but Grom spends a good 4-5 rounds failing saves. Suffer, who in the previous fight had killed several of the twig things, proceeds to wreck harpy face in dramatic fashion. The storm weakened a bit as the harpies died.

Fight over they step back into the street to find Bruised Jim limping towards them. He lets them know that something is in the fountain causing chaos. The party races over to find a water weird messing shit up. Fighting ensues, leaving the party fairly battered, though the storm got weaker.

Before they can do more than pop a potion or catch their breath, a huge shambling mound came racing towards them. Song in epic fashion vaulted over Grom’s shoulders and did a flying, flame spewing leap at the creature. He burned hole in the thing, then promptly fell inside and was engulfed. Much fighting ensued, leaving most of the party all but dead (PJ was at 1 hp, Suffer was about to abandon them, and Song could not fight his way out of the damn thing), but at last it fell dead, and the storm stopped.

A golden spark floated up from the bodies of the mound and the water weird, and set off. The party followed, and found themselves in an abandoned building. Someone though had clearly taken up residence and used the place to perform the magic that summoned the storm/ghost forest. The person left in a hurry though leaving behind a chest. Inside were a number of nonmagical gems, two elemental gems (air and earth), some dryness dust, a belt of dwarvenkind (for PJ who has a thing for belts), +1 gloves for Song, a +1 dagger for Suffer, and a +1 great sword for Grom.



We have started playing under some slightly tweaked rules.

  1. Instead of inspiration we are using Fate points. Earned the same way, just much cooler.
  2. Short rests are only 20 minutes, but you can only regain 1 hit die.
  3. Crits auto max damage plus 1 die. So a short bow with 3 dex would do 9 + 1d6 damage.

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Getting Better


I have noticed over the past year that I am starting to take some strides with my writing. I look at my writings from 4 years ago, and then what I am writing now, and I can tell a real difference. I won’t go so far as to say I am good, but I am not awful! Maybe a few hundred more words written and I will qualify as ‘good’ but until then I will gleefully embrace ‘passable.’

It does cause some problems now on occasion. Before any scene that came to mind, I would just write. Now however I have enough of an idea about what I am doing to know that some scenes just won’t work. Maybe it’s too expository. Perhaps too slow. So my writing goes a liiiiiitle bit slower now. But I like to think that overall ever so worth it.

It’s impossible to know what your next stride forward in something like this might be, but I am certainly excited to see where it all goes! Hopefully published! But even if not, I will be happy to one day master my craft, and explore countless worlds of my making!


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Writing Group


I have started a writing group here in the town I live, Montgomery. We meet the second Thursday of each month at the Sanctuary on Goldthwait St. I say every…we have only had our initial meeting.

It was lots of fun! We are starting small, as only 4 folks came out, but we got to dig in and workshop one three different pieces: a novel excerpt, a flash fiction, and part of a short story. Everyone was very receptive to critique, and lots of good advice was bandied about. All in all it was a smashing good time!

If you live in or near Montgomery Alabama, feel free to come out! Second Tuesdays at 6!


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Iron and Blood 5: Oh Shit, Ghost Forest


This session was sadly short, due to me having too much going on that day. As such we only got a good 2 ½ hours in, instead of 4-5 like normal. Oh well.

Anywho, Suffer, Song, and PJ are loitering in the gang’s hideout when a golden orb floats up through the floor, then through a wall. PJ goes to investigate, and hearing cries upstairs in the Mule Kick, races up topside. There he finds a shadow chasing after the cook. This shadow creature looks like an elf composed of nothing but congealed shadow. After hollering down to the rest of the gang, he pummels the shadow thing into a pile of shadow goo.

Running out into the common room they find chaos. A couple of patrons are dead or being chased by dwarf sized twig creatures. They battle them, saving the innkeeper who tells them there is a hell of a storm outside, and that shit has gotten real out there.

Gathering up the full gang they step outside. Twig creatures and shadow elf things a roaming the streets. Also there is the mother of all storms raging: high winds, hail, pouring rain, and oddly coloured lightning which does not have accompanying thunder. Most telling of all though, is there seems to be a spectral forest having grown up everywhere. It’s as though the ghost of a forest came to life in the Three Fingers.

In the distance they can see once of the tenements on their turf is on fire. Telling the gang to start putting down the creatures in the streets, they race to the fire. Upon arrival they find that a number of twig things under the command of a shadow guy are not allowing the folks to leave the burning building. The party eliminates the creatures, and then starts helping out the inhabitants.

As they are helping, they hear crazed laughter coming from the third of the buildings four floors. Rushing up (or climbing up the side in the case of PJ) they find a trio of flame creatures lighting the place on fire. PJ throws one forcefully out of a window, into the neighboring building, where it promptly explodes. Warning the other two, they ignore said warning, and killing the two in the hallway, they cause similar explosions.

Leaving the building, which the rain is extinguishing, they decided to go to the herb woman who they call on for advice on anything magical. They run past the Kenku tenement, where Jim Crow is leading the young Kenku there in defending the block with their bows. Running down an alley, a Will-o-the-Wisp, the golden orb, floats in front of them, attacking.

Putting it down they make it to the herb shop, to find it is encased in a bubble of force keeping it safe. The old woman informs them that the storm is magical (duh) and infused with powerful elemental magic, most likely a mixture of druidic and necromantic magic. There should be some way to undo the storm, as she could tell that a few minutes earlier something happened to weaken it.

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Upcoming Release Schedule

I have a rather….ambitious release schedule planned for this year. But it all goes to plan by this time next year I will have two print books, and eleven ebooks out on Amazon. Maybe 12. And also a few free promotional materials, such as a small ebook about the setting of steampunk ebooks, or a bestiary from my fantasy setting.

To give you a bit of an idea, here are the first few months planned releases:

March: First Valko short story collection.

April: First southern horror short story collection

May: Second steampunk short story collection

(somewhere in these three months will be a few of the promotional materials as well)

The vast bulk of it all is written. There are but three hurdles: First, they all need to be edited a bit better. Secondly, most need covers to be made. Lastly, I need to set up a business, so everything will be on the up and up. Not impossible, but I have got to get cracking! Wish me luck!

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