Join me in some worldbuilding!

I have a new project in mind, but I decided that instead of keeping it so under wraps as I normally do, I would sort of share my design/worldbuilding process with you fine people! Without going into too much detail (yet!) it is a fantasy world, but for the purposes of the stories that will be set in it, we will only focus on one continent.

So how is this going to work? Simple. I will be coming up with framework ideas, the sort of core ideas that the rest of the thoughts will spring out of. Some of these will be essential to future plot lines, but others will just be things I have been sitting on that I have wanted to include in a story for some time. I will post these ideas on here, and my facebook ( for you fine folks to peruse. Then if this strokes your creative juices, and you have an idea, go on my facebook and comment! If I like your idea, I will credit you on my website, and give you an acknowledgment in whatever book comes out of this!

So what do you think? Interested?

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The Rubicon, round two

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I got another of my southern gothic tales published in the Rubicon! Alongside a not pictured poem of mine as well!

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Check it out! Amazon Author page!


AvastYeAirships       cover


Hey! I have an amazon author page now! Excited that I have enough things listed on there to make it worth while to set it up! And as usual, Amazon has been super awesome to deal with. I love that site man.

Anyway! Go check it out!

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My Tumblr is a year old now!

Crazy how time flies!

And also how I have basically no followers on there, as I never remember to actually use it.

Could be a lesson there.


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I am now on Fiverr! For 5 bucks I will write you 500 words of anything you can think of! SO far I have had orders for blog posts, fan fiction, and a short story! I could help you plan a DnD campaign, or do you some world building, maybe make you the hero in a short story! The only limit is your creativity!

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Story Coming Out!

I have a story coming out in this anthology on February 26th:



I am super excited. This has been the best publishing experience of my career to date! Everyone has been such a pleasure to work with!

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Website Happenings

If you havent gone to my website,, in some time, perhaps you should! There are some cool new pages on there for you to check out.

First, I have begun hosting my sporadically written fantasy humor series about the dimwitted dark wizard Reginald the Foul. Go read the nine short episodes if you like.

Next I have put up sections about my various worlds that feature in my writings. I even put up a description of my mythos for my horror stories.

Lastly I have added a thank you page, for those who have helped me out along the way. If you go nowhere else, please at least go check that out.

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I was interviewed by the blog Poseiden’s Scribe! Go check it out here:

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Avast, Ye Authors! pt. 4!


Have I mentioned how much I love this cover? Geez. Anyways here is the last installment of meeting my fellow authors.


Up first is K.C. Shaw. Author of eight novels she has been published in numerous other works as well. Find her at:


Steven Southard is next. Web designer by day, author by night you can check him out at:


Now we have Ross Baxter. A sci-fi and horror author who first novel recently came out, go look him up at:



And last of all we have D Chang. Having written for  number of games across a number of platforms he joins us here in a bit older format! Look him up at:


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Avast, Ye Authors! pt 3!


The third installment of my author introductions! Today we welcome…


Jeffrey Cook! The author of the Dawn of Steam series, which is just tons of steampunk goodness, he can be found:




Up next we have Jim Reader. Hailing from Texas he has two novels under his belt and a number of other credits to his name. Check him out at:


Lauren Marrero comes next! Also a novelist with two books to her name, she hails from California. You can find her at:



And last for this installment we have Steve Cook. A writer and teacher hailing all the way from south london you can look his stuff over at:


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