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Starting in the next week or two I will be releasing a weekly serialzed story. I have the first 8 weeks written, about an idiotic evil wizard and his minions as they seek to conquer the world. Hope you guys will enjoy!


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Monday Meandering, the Dragoncrown War

Today I finished book four of the dragoncrown war quadrilogy by Michael Stackpole. You may recall that I am a raging stackpole fanboy, with his book Talion ranking in my top five books. Well in this series he did not disappoint!

Without spoiling anything, this is a series for those who love military oriented fantasy. There are battles both large and small, wars, seiges, you name it. It also takes a lot of fantasy conventions and either turns them on their head or twists them in exciting new ways. The elves in this world are a great example.

I highly recommend this series. Stackpole is a master of the craft and this series clearly shows it.

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State of the Bob Address

Still waiting to hear back on my submissions, so please send happy thoughts my way.

Here are my goals for the week:

Four blog posts. This one counts.
Three ‘chapters’ on my secret project.
1,000 words on the new story.
1 horror or fantasy flash fiction.

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Taste of a Tale Tuesday!

An excerpt from my most recent story, Black Dog.

There were few things in the Konislund capable of such violence, and none options he liked to face. They did however tend to be slower than a man on horseback over distance, so he began inching away from the clearing as best he could in the dark. He had not made it more than three or four steps however when the Grim began flicking in and out of existence as it dashed across the clearing. A haunting wail came from its spectral mouth, sending chills up Valko’s spine. Stabbing his sword once more into the ground he knocked a black-feathered arrow into his bow just as a massive, jet black ogre barreled into sight.

Ten feet tall and as broad as any three men combined it powered into the clearing on its thick legs, shaking its horned head as it roared out a challenge. Moving with frightening speed for something so large, it lumbered about trying to strike the darting form of the ghost dog, which he could tell was trying to lead the beast away from where he crouched. He could even see where tiny gashes had cropped up on the ogres ankles, showing that the Grim was no ordinary ghost. Even though the bites likely hurt the creature as much as fly might hurt a man, they did work to further enrage the beast, blinding him to Valko’s presence. The ogre had almost left through the other side of e clearing, when a scream split the night.


The massive creature turned to the sound of the cry to find Ronna standing on the edge of the forest. It’s massive nostrils flared, sucking in great swirls of smoke before breathing them out in a rage filled roar. Raising its club, which was little more than a massive log with a jagged cut of rock pounded through it, it began bounding towards the youth.

Valko released his shot, and the feathered shaft flew hard, catching the ogre deep in the ribs. The beast barely flinched so focused was it on his prey, even as a second arrow struck its sinewy neck. Ronna turned to flee but there was no way he could escape the monster in time. Knowing he would be too late Valko scooped up his sword, ignoring the pain in his side and dashed towards the beast, hoping to at least avenge the youth.

Suddenly from nowhere a massive black shape leapt towards the rampaging ogre. Mostly formless there was naught but a hint of ragged claws and sharp teeth as it raced towards the creatures throat. So fearsome was it that the ogre turned midway through its downward blow towards Ronna to combat this new menace. Taking the club in two hands it drove it through the shadow form, which dissipated with a hound like wail.

  Screeching with frustration the creature turned back to crush the child, only to find he had sprinted out of sight into the woods. It pounded its club into the ground in frustration and was about to race off after the youth when it caught a flicker of movement out of the corner of its eye. It only barely managed to raise its arm in time to catch the overhand blow of Valko’s sword as it lashed out.

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Monday Meandering, The Books of Blood

I am immensely jealous of Clive Barker. As a horror writer, I suppose that is to be expected, as the man is highly successful. A case can be made that King aside, he is the most successful horror writer of our time in large part because of his success outside of writing. But the real reason I am jealous is not his success, but rather how he got his start: he released SIX books of short stories over the course of a year (around the time I was born no less).

Can you imagine.

Six entire books coming out in one year, as your entry to the field. On top of that, they were awesome. Its enough to give a guy a red rump, I know that much.

If this post was a deadly sin, it would be envy.

I have managed to lay hands on 1-4 and number 6, and each was spectacular. I sat there in abject misery the whole time I read them, awash with jealousy.  As such I highly recommend everyone who loves horror should read them.

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I Broke 100 Followers on WordPress!!!

Sweet!! Thank you guys!!!

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Monday Meandering, nanowrimo

Another Monday has arrived, the start of my writing week for the most part. These days Monday through Wednesday are my days to create, and I enjoy the time immensely.

I keep getting emails from nanowrimo. It has me itching to start it, though I am in a bit of a quandary as to what to write this year. Do I carry on existing works? Start some new project? I have a few ideas but they all seem so appealing. How to decide?

What do you do in this instance? How do you decide what to write next when all options are equally appealing? If I get some good responses, next week I’ll reveal some of the ideas I have to choose from.

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State of the Bob Address, week 3

Well do to Internet issues I was unable to post this weekend. But that has been resolved successfully, so this week will be back to normal.

In Bob news I have started a new Valko tale based around black dog mythology, and I am loving it. I hope to finish it in a couple of days. Also this week I am following up on my submissions, so hopefully there will be some news there soon as well.

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